Is using GPS technology the answer for leaflet distribution?

GPS technology has completely transformed the way that distribution companies can check the successful delivery of their customers’ leaflets. The technology is precise enough that in many cases not only is it possible to tell which streets the distributor has covered, but also in the case of houses with long driveways, the individual houses themselves. The GPS tracking shows this as a Zig Zag line progressing down the street as the distributor walks from letter box to letter box. This in itself may appear to be the complete answer, and often it may be, however there are certain subtleties with GPS tracking that must not be overlooked. GPS tracking may not always have the correct resolution to show precisely how accurately a distributor has completed the round and therefore it is extremely important that the distribution company checks the tracks thoroughly to be absolutely sure the work has been conducted properly.

For example, if you look at GPS tracks that appear on first glance to be perfect, it may be the case on roads with no long driveways that the distributor may have actually missed houses. This level of detail can only be ascertained by close inspection of the tracks by a specially trained investigator. One of the techniques that can be used is to check the time stamped GPS tracks to be sure that the distributor has not either driven or ridden a bicycle around the area which would result in unrealistic delivery duration as well as the unusually straight profile of the GPS tracks. It is crucial that for true accountability of leaflet distribution using GPS tracking that the company always has systems and processes in place to ensure that the customer is protected and that the leaflets have been delivered correctly.

Here at Abracadabra we have invested heavily in making sure that every single GPS track we send to a customer has been thoroughly inspected by a specially trained investigator. If for any reason any of the tracks seem questionable then it is the role of the investigator to look in to this and bring any issues to swift and satisfactory  resolution.

We are extremely proud of our outstanding GPS tracked leaflet distribution… If you have any question or would like to chat to us about what we do please do give us a call on 0330 128 9884 and we will be delighted to speak to you!