Demographic Targeting for Leaflet Distribution

Delivery Options

Tracker Leaflet Distribution has worked with many businesses and we realise that all businesses are unique and have different requirements when it comes to a leaflet distribution campaign.  Whether we are covering GPS tracked leaflet distribution Basingstoke, Reading, Wokingham or across many other areas, we offer a range of services to suit all business sizes, types and budgets.

gps tracked leaflet distribution Basingstoke


All-Inclusive GPS Tracked Pricing

ALL our leaflet distribution services come with GPS tracking as standard! The prices we quote include the delivery of your material by our reliable and trustworthy GPS tracked distributors as well as a post-delivery report in the form of a file containing all the tracks generated by each distributor during the delivery of your leaflets.

Tracker Leaflet Distribution Options

You can opt to have your leaflet delivered on its own or along with other leaflets.  If you opt for one of our multiple item options, we do guarantee that your business will not go through the door with a competing business.  Thanks to a number of large contracts with regular clients, we do not have long lead-in times for any of the services below.  We simply take your booking, schedule the distribution and the onus is on us to find the “Plus 1” or “Plus 2” to go out with your leaflets.

  • TLD Solus – We will deliver your leaflet on its own to the agreed postcodes/areas.  With Solus leaflet distribution, you benefit from increased exposure as your leaflet hits the prospective clients’ doormat unaccompanied by other material.  Distribution estimated 2-3 weeks.
  • TLD Plus 1– Your leaflet will be delivered with just 1 other item.  This item could be anything from a leaflet, sample or magazine from any other non-competing business.  This is by far our most popular leaflet distribution service favoured particularly by our small to medium sized businesses.  Distribution estimated 2-3 weeks
  • TLD Shared – Your leaflet will be delivered with 2 other items.  These items could be anything from leaflets, sample or magazine from any other non-competing business.  Bespoke mappingis not available with this option. However you will be able to choose which postcode you would like your leaflets distributed within, but it is up to the discretion of the provider where precisely in the postcode your leaflets will be delivered.  Distribution estimated 4-6 weeks.
  • Anytime, Anywhere – This is only available as part of a TLD Shared package as described above but may be delivered into a broad geographical area (for example, any Reading RG postcode) as and when we have a lead client going into one of those areas. We can’t estimate delivery timescales using this special promotional option but we can offer some fabulous prices if you can be flexible.
  • Guaranteed Time Sensitive– Sometimes you need your leaflets out in a hurry and for this we can offer premium guaranteed distribution options for fast-track delivery ranging from a 14-day guaranteed service right down to a 1-day guaranteed delivery.

    With the exception of the Guaranteed Time Sensitive services, all distribution timescales are estimates only although we will endeavour to finish within the timescale given.

    We are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and suggest the service available that is most suited to your requirements.

    Bespoke Services

    We can also deliver magazines, samples or other unusual items so give us a call to find out what we can do for you. We’ll be happy to look at your requirements and give you an honest answer as to what we can offer you!